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16 março 2011

Semana das Linguas (16 de Março): Dia do Inglês - English Theatre

Hoje, pelas 14h15, os nossos alunos do 2.º CEB assistiram à peça de teatro "Serendipity", a cargo da companhia ETC - English Theatre Company: 
"Our hero, Tom, is the typical bright, popular, lazy schoolboy whose main aim at school is to pass his exams with the least possible effort on his part and never, never, ever let school work interfere in his real life with his friends, his sports, his games, his music and all the other many entertainments he has. He has so much to do that there simply isn’t that much time for such things as studying.
One day something happens that takes Tom on a journey which makes him discover to his astonishment that learning can not only be useful, but can often be fun in itself."

Às 16h, os alunos do 3.º CEB assistiram à peça "MeTV", da mesma companhia de teatro:
"MeTV is the story of Ben; a schoolboy who is crying out for something exciting to happen to him. MeTV is about what happens when two peculiar strangers, Agents Smith and Jones, decide to make him famous – by whatever means they can.
MeTV takes an extremely satirical look at a media world that applauds success above intention; rewards the famous above the deserving; glories wealth regardless of how this wealth is used and promotes above all the notion of self over any concept of the group."

Ambas as peças de teatro decorreram no Auditório 2 da ESECS.

Aqui ficam algumas imagens de "MeTV":
(Fotografia: Ana Lúcia Pinho)

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